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Ford Expedition: Bigger and Better


As per 2003, the Ford Adventure has undergone a whole package of improvements, thus as per the next year the 2004 Ford Journey only had to go through slight touchups so as to complete the entire set of being new. The Ford Trip is still the big and brawny, yet comfortable vehicle that we had known previously. It comes with power, and space along with five available trims that sport purely functional equipment to sheer decadence. The available trims comprise of the XLS, the XLT, the XLT Sport, the NBW, and the Eddie Bauer. The Ford Expedition is still large, roomy, smooth, and very stable.


This vehicle has been considered to be quite refined. It has a handling that is fairly precise and very responsive considering the vehicle's weight and size. Compared to the earlier generation of the Ford Expedition, this new one shows improvements like a smoother ride, and a thorough truck-based suspension. Even the interior shows promises of something new. With a lower front bumper, wellbeing surely has been enhanced by the Ford Motor Company as per changing the whole Ford Trip look and performance. A safety curtain has been added in so as to function to protect its occupants in a rollover. There are also adjustable pedals, a better seating position, and a tire-pressure monitor for smaller drivers. Also added in is an AdvanceTrac electronic equilibrium dominance, anti-lock brakes, and other active wellbeing systems. These added features have been made available so as to assist the driver maintain perfect manipulation of the vehicle and at the same point in time also reduce the chance of skidding off the streets.


These only are a few of the features that has been upgraded and updated for the Ford Adventure. Also made available for this vehicle is the PowerFold third-row seat (this folds perfectly flat with the media of a button), the Reverse Sensing System (this feature can alert the driver of the Ford Adventure if the vehicle is backed toward an object like a parked car, a short pole, or a small child); and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. Not just for entertainment, comfort, and security, the Ford Expedition Suspension also functions well for towing. This vehicle can tow up to a maximum of 8950 pounds of weight.


Looking closer, the Ford Trip surely looks bigger and larger and very much bolder than those Ford Expeditions who have lived before this new one's time. As per its overall dimensions, it still is roughly around the same size as before however, this period around, the track has been given a more wide, around two inches, of a well-planted stance. Giving this new vehicle a towering appeal is its new raised hood. It sports 17 inch wheels for a bolder kind of look. It also holds bumpers that are integrated more smoothly into its overall design and facade.