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Land Rover Suspension: Reducing Bumps and Damage


A Land Rover could not run without its engine for this is the source of the power that it needs. Also, a Land Rover would not run without its wheels for this is what gives the vehicle the ability to move regarding effortlessly. Yes, a Land Rover would not run without its battery since this is what starts the process of everything. That just goes to show that each and every part and system that make up the Land Rover vehicle is very vital and is very much needed for the Land Rover to run safely and properly.


The Land Rover suspension is actually a system that could be considered as something that is not that important in making the vehicle run. However, it does make a bumpy ride very comfortable and pleasurable. This system is actually the connection that bridges the occupants of the vehicle with the road. It has the ability to actually suspend the frame of the vehicle along with its body and powertrain above the wheels which could be compared to a bridge that separates the vehicles on top of it with the water underneath it.


Made up of springs, shocks absorbers, and linkages that connect the Land Rover to its wheels, the Land Rover suspension serves yet another purpose. It protects the vehicle itself from any kind of damage. This system also protects everything and anything that could be inside the vehicle.


In a sense, Land Rover suspension systems could be classified into two groups which comprise of the depending on and the independent. However, there is a third one which could be said to be somewhere between the two groups. The based mostly suspension usually holds a live axle which actually holds the wheels of the Land Rover parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axle. The Land Rover suspension, on the other hand, allows the wheels to actually rise and fall on their own without impacting the other wheels on the other side. As per the semi-dependent Land Rover suspension, this type uses jointed axles however the wheels are connected with a solid member.